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Name:Pictures of Pets
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For people whose pets are much cuter than their photography skills
[community profile] petographs: for people with pets so adorable they should be shared across the internets... but not-so-great photography skills.

  • So as not to break layouts: Post all pictures behind a cut. Outside the cut, describe what kind of animal it is and how many pictures/videos/walls of text there are.
  • Keep it clean and tidy: Please clearly label before the cut if pictures are not all-ages-appropriate. Don't post pictures of anything awful happening to people or animals.
  • It's for your pics of your pets: The picture/video/wall of text should be of an animal you or someone you immediately know has guardianship over, and should be taken/created by you or someone you immediately know.
  • Whoa there, buddy: Limit one post per user per day. We know they're cute, but we've gotta stop you before we die of adorable.

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animals, cats, cute animal pictures, cute cat pictures, cute dog pictures, dogs
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