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Hey! Partner took a bunch of photos of cats and I finally snagged them from her Smaug-like-hoard and put them on Flickr but I haven't arranged the set yet so be warned the newest ones are all at the bottom. (Well, some of them. There were LOTS and also some duplicates.)

If you want to see them, here is the Flickr set and also I'm putting one of Lily begging here. We taught it to Chance as a trick, she learned it from him, and now she will spontaneously do things like tap your hand with her paw and you look down and she's doing this:

Lily standing on her hind paws and "begging" for food, which is a very effective strategy because it's irresistibly cute.

Her expression says, "Look into my eyes! Please madam, I want some more...I was a poor starving orphan my eyes you can see all the hunger and longing and love of the you have an urge to feed meeee..."


Also, I am particularly proud of this recent tweet of mine, because it makes me giggle:

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Or the story of A Dog Who Is Awesome (& adopted me, though she belongs to my landlords).

Dog! And Her Puppies )
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These are the siblings of the little bunny baby I posted recently:

One photo )

The litter is now nearly a month old (26 days in this photo), three in number (the third is barely visible in the photo, but it's there), and extremely fluffy and cuddly and yay. I don't think I've ever seen a rabbit mother who loves her babies and being a mother quite as much as this one does.
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Two photographs of a pet rock that I've had since I was about 8 or 9. I painted it then, too, so you can see my Elementary school painting skillz.

In fact, I even got in a fight with a friend over who got to keep this rock. It was not the best fight, but since then I have felt it my solemn duty to never get rid of the rock. It doesn't have a name, but perhaps you can help?

Help me name the pet rock! )

[P.S. [personal profile] staranise totally said pet rocks were allowed. XD]
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A sequence of photographs of a very put-upon cat whose monkey is more interested in taking pictures than scritches.

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My parents sent me a teaser of what awaits me when I move back home next week: adorable baby bunnies! One photo and some details behind the cut.

Sleepy bunny )
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Eight pictures of my cat, taken last month with commentary from then.

Maybe his full name is Adorabert )
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Hi everyone! Welcome to the cutest community ever, even though nobody can tell it thanks to the blurriness.

Community rules:
  • So as not to break layouts: Post all pictures behind a cut. Outside the cut, describe what kind of animal it is and how many pictures/videos/walls of text there are.
  • Keep it clean and tidy: Please clearly label before the cut if pictures are not all-ages-appropriate.
  • It's for your pics of your pets: The picture/video/wall of text should be of an animal you or someone you immediately know has guardianship over, and should be taken/created by you or someone you immediately know.
  • Whoa there, buddy: Limit one post per user per day. We know they're cute, but we've gotta stop you before we die of adorable.

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